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Franklin was found wandering down the street with an ear tag much bigger than his face, seemingly having escaped a slaughter truck.  He was rescued by some kind people and went straight to the vet.  He was malnourished, underweight, had eye issues and very limited vision, and had multiple infections and parasites needing treatment.  With a lot of love, and excellent medical treatment, Franklin survived and thrived.  He loves cuddling with humans, but also loves running and jumping while playing a game of tag.  He lives with a group of mini pigs and his two new best friends, Oreo and Oliver.

Franklin would love for you to join his Circle of Compassion.

You can join it by sponsoring him with a monthly donation of any amount. 

To join Franklin’s Circle of Compassion and to help cover the costs of his nutritious food, warm shelter, and medical care, click the button below:

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