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Oreo and Oliver

Oliver is one year old and has been with Oreo since he was a few weeks old.  Prior to their rescue, they lived a life of love, but their human reached out for help when she herself needed help the most- and made the choice to find sanctuary space for her beloved goats.  Oliver and Oreo immediately bonded with Franklin and the caregiving staff at Indraloka and they enjoy exploring the space freely- often dancing in the air, leaping with joy, and sleeping soundly with their heads on the laps of caregivers and volunteers. 

Oreo is the tallest of the “small goat trio.”  He is five years old and loves to go on walks with humans and spending time quietly snuggling with them, too.  He is emotional and gentle, and the leader of his trio.  They spend most of the day playing in the pasture and enjoying long walks around the sanctuary.

Oreo and Oliver would love for you to join their Circle of Compassion.

You can join it by sponsoring them with a monthly donation of any amount. 

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