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Sraddha and Emunah

We were recently contacted by a family who had become overwhelmed with the animals in their care.  They recognized a need for help and they reached out.  Today, we were able to bring home two elderly alpacas. We need your help today to ensure that we have the resources available to give them the life they deserve.

We have all come to know and love Sandy, the sweet alpaca we rescued just over a year ago. 

Sandy had a rough life and as she recovered, she bonded strongly with Duncan, one of our beloved pigs.  Sandy was there for Duncan when he lost his brother Nugget.  She comforted him in his grief and helped him see the beauty in living out each day.  Now, as Duncan nears his end of life, we are worried for Sandy. 

Who will be there to comfort her when her best friend one day leaves her side?

The two alpacas coming home now were not living their best life.  Their home was overcrowded and dark with little access to grass.  We knew they could live full and happy lives at Indraloka.  So when we went to see them, it was with high hopes that they would be as calm and gentle as Duncan and the flock of sheep that Sandy now lives with.  

Thankfully, the alpacas are elderly, sweet, and much like our own Sandy, a bit shy around humans.  Right now they are frightened.  Not because of harm or abuse but because their lives are changing.  We know it’s for the better. 

Soon, they will know that too. 

Rescuing just these 2 will drain our resources by $7,000.  That is the approximate cost to provide health assessments, transportation to their new home, and the time and energy required to ensure a smooth transition.  

But there were still 3 others awaiting permanent placement.  

On November 10th, 2021, we decided to bring the remaining three home to Indraloka, significantly increasing the amount of funds needed for their care.

We are still in need of many resources in order to give these alpacas the life they deserve.  As it is with so many requests we have for placement, there just isn’t enough space, funds, or volunteer help to be able to rescue everyone in need.  But these animals are different–they may be the perfect family for Sandy.  And they’ve already completed a period of quarantine–this is an essential factor in our ability to rescue them.  

Your support today is critical.  Will you help? 

A one-time gift of any amount will directly support the immediate rescue of these alpacas.  A monthly gift will ensure that we continue to have what is needed to give them the best possible life at Indraloka. 

Thank you for caring as much as we do!

Sraddha and Emunah would love if considered Sponsoring them!

You can sponsor them with a monthly donation of any amount.

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